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06 May, 2020
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الخط الثاني

عمال النقل عنصر أساسي في مدننا خلال جائحة كورونا الحالية وما بعدها، فهم يقومون بنقل العمالة الأساسية – مثل الأطباء والممرضين والمستجيبين في حالات الطوارئ – من وإلى العمل، وبذلك  Read More..

05 May, 2020
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The Second Line

Transit workers are essential to keep our cities functioning during the current Coronavirus Pandemic, and afterwards. They shuttle essential workers – like doctors, nurses, and emergency respondents – to and  Read More..

06 Mar, 2019
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Map Creation Process

To be able to create a map ready for printing, we worked for months. It took a lot of effort, time and resources to get where we are. For those  Read More..

22 Apr, 2016
Posted inCairo
Overheard on Public Transport

For the vast majority of Cairo’s 20 million inhabitants, the public transport system is the only way to get around the city. The Cairo Metro serves 4 million passengers a  Read More..