Merging urban mobility and air quality insights to support sustainable transport transition in emerging mega-cities

Transport for Cairo and Hawa Dawa join forces to serve data-poor environments with their cutting edge solutions

Munich, January 2022: Hawa Dawa, a young Munich based Cleantech company, and Transport for Cairo (TfC) have entered a partnership for combining their state-of-the-art solutions. Customers will benefit from advanced offerings built on the deep expertise of TfC in data, tools and research in the field of urban mobility and Hawa Dawa’s innovative methods of providing actionable insights on air pollution. Expansive urban mobility systems are required to support the economies of developing cities, home to the world’s next 2 billion citizens. Data-driven decisions must be made for these systems to evolve without becoming a major climate and health hazards.

Within the new partnership, both companies strive to bring solutions for better lives, particularly to developing and emerging countries, by bringing sustainability, climate protection and necessary mobility levels together. Thus, they support a responsible and sustainable growth of economic wealth.

The impact of air pollution on health and mortality has been proven in science for a long time. Today, citizens in developing and emerging countries face significant environmental challenges. Administrations often focus on economic growth and industrialisation and omit the consequences on the environment, climate and individual health – or cannot afford it without sacrificing economic goals. On the other hand, mobility is a major enabler for the success and prosperity of an economy. Therefore, the joint mission of Transport for Cairo and Hawa Dawa is to provide solid insights for fact-based decision making. The joint solution is particularly designed to enable data-driven decisions in data-poor environments, by merging data-collection, analysis, visualisation & consultancy in one coherent approach.  Thus, decision-makers in emerging and developing cities will have a unique system at their disposal, which will help them lead the movement towards cleaner air, sustainable transportation whilst considering the unique character of such cities.

“Hawa Dawa is one of the most inspiring clean technology companies out there. With their IoT hardware and AI-enabled software, they bring the best of modern tech to our most pressing problem today: urban air quality and climate change. At TfC, we are always on the lookout for technologies and solutions that can tackle the developing cities challenges at disruptively competitive costs and Hawa Dawa’s tech just takes air quality measurement and management to an entirely new level.” says Mohamed Hegazy, Managing Director & Partner at Transport for Cairo.

Karim Tarraf, CEO and Co-Founder of Hawa Dawa adds: „I am quite excited to be joining forces with Transport for Cairo. TfC is a truly disruptive transport consultancy that optimizes existing transport systems and develops flexible and sustainable mobility solutions. Combining their core competence with Hawa Dawa’s air quality management approach for exposure reduction of at-risk groups, traffic  eco-sensitivity and environmental equity means that emerging and developing cities can capitalize on pro-active action instead of costly reaction and truly lead the way towards a sustainable and future-proof development.

About Hawa Dawa:

Hawa Dawa provides the foundations of a new digital knowledge network for resistant and climate-neutral cities and future-oriented companies. The primary focus is to facilitate the use of meaningful environmental data in decision-making. Hawa Dawa compiles air quality data from all available sources, from satellites to ground-based public measurement stations to IoT sensors and correlates them with use-case-specific data, e.g. traffic. These insights are made available on intuitive dashboards, commented APIs and deep-dive analytic reports. The data cover the full scope from historical to real-time to predictive data and simulations.

Hawa Dawa deploys state-of-the-art sensor technology, IoT, AI, machine learning, and cloud services to deliver A-grade air quality data in high spatial and temporal resolution.

The international team consists of engineers, software specialists and data analysts, experts in sensor technology, satellite, traffic modelling, and business developers. Hawa Dawa covers the entire spectrum: from consulting to data management to analyses and forecasts, complemented by proprietary hardware, which allows increasing coverage with relevant measuring points both in time and space as required. 

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