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team management

We are seeking a multi-talented candidate to fill the role of ‘Communications Officer’.

Your objective is to:

  • Reinforce TfC’s positioning through branding, content, communications and PR.
  • Support business development activities and initiatives.  
This opening has stopped accepting applications. 
All applicants will be notified of their application status by November 20.

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We are seeking a multi-talented candidate to fill the senior role of ‘Urban Mobility (UM) – Project Manager’ within TfC. You will work with and lead cross-functional teams on consulting engagements covering public transit, transport planning, sustainable mobility and electrification. 

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Software & Tools

We are looking for a Full Stack JavaScript engineer to work with TfC’s Tech Team, to develop and maintain our data collection and analysis platform, which we will rely on to collect public transport data in Cairo and other major cities in Africa.